Art by John Davis
English is my second language after Art. I can express fantastical ideas and places by creating them on a two dimensional surface. The illusion of the multi dimensional world created on a flat plane is fascinating. Implying depth on a clean plane sparks my enthusiasm for creating space and filling it with artful shapes. Artists like Max Earnst , Claes Oldenburg and Dr Suess are inspirational to me as are Silver Age Comic greats like James F. "Jim" Steranko, Jack Kirby and John Buscema . Influenced by Richard Scary, Mad Magazine and Science Fiction my art has evolved into what I like to call visual stream of consciousness. In creating a piece, I want to fill the canvas with imagery and action to draw viewers in for close inspection that requires more than one visit. Using pencil, pen, brushes, spray paint and collage I encourage viewers to explore and discover personal messages via nostalgic icons of Film, Americana or Pop Culture.
PopArt Davis
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